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Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 5th 2015.
Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 5th 2015.

I do feel for a good-hearted Scot Nicola Sturgeon. As she outs there in faith attempting to balance the life of a well liked public figure. That is evident in the openess and heartfelt replies to her followers on Twitter.  

The downside of stance is long term discussion on how the ending of austerity for Scotland works. Without the overall E.U change or a U.K election to come out of the European Union? 

Are far greater challenge to act. 

Greece alone are proving in shot gun refrendum almost bordering on Donbass, and Crimea. That the often lure of self governance is therefore at the expense of the most. 

RT have stated, as the BBC are skilled at playing nice, that it now makes the far left stance of the United States, destined to a point, to make such statements the same. 

Something has to give. Figures alone prove the E.U commissions that push although largely unelected, haven't always been a bad thing. 

We always had the likes of Italian restaurants, and Indian cuisine following the much needed improvement that the United Kingdom has seen since the years post 1945. 

And in terms of our much always debated stance to stay or leave the greater confines of the now E.U. We never took the currency. There is no one then who can't say that at least we've played our role.

I liken Greece to a manager of a retail bank that isn't quite as good as the best or, bigger branches, yet always turns up to the weekly meeting as if they've won.

Immigration or better stated 'free stated travel', by European Union citizens who physically have a passport, is a given. Therefore we have to reason figures as they are: 

That's been the whole debate in most places non African, and as Doctor Senator Rand Paul has also stated in the United States, as Senator, and U.S candidate, for office of President of the United States. 

Sometimes the lefter sides of rotten insist in still providing funds to places that still tend to hate our bones. 

Tunisia by far, still has more recruits in terror outfits that at point the west supplied funds to, and armed. 

So they can systematically cruicfy, torture, decapitate and burn alive Christians. And equally non partisan Muslims alike. 

That by fact of life i would have to agree on with anybody debating the subject matter at hand.  

I would also mention that not one United States candidates for the office of President of The United States, has trained for ten years and been on practise for over twenty helping under privildged folks with medical needs as Sen.Rand Paul of Kentucky has.

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 5th 2015.
Click On The Official E.U 2014 Figures

2014 Northern European reasons of design find that the gross figures of migration to the three highest receiving countries place Germany in the lead with 592.2 thousand. 

The United Kingdom follows suit at 498.00 thousand. 

Based on inclusion of non E.U held passports or official status of birth. The United Kingdom has seen 31.6% of its gross E.U citizens with potential migrating to its shores. 

Germany's economy is considerably higher at 50.4% native E.U born arrivals. 

A recent irony of French ports and infastrructure claims of the U.K not then taking its fair share as an island nation; is somewhat of miscontrued source, based on entities of politcal structure.

As a considered northern European power house France has seen only 327.4 thousand net migrants arrive within its own official lines of offence. From that figure as gross, is 90.8 thousand migrants who are official E.U. status of birth. That also being a quiet appointment of 27.7% gross all business receipts for that year. 

The irony in regards to the demands for Britian to help is based on only 36.9% of those people actually being of a non E.U status of birth. That includes less than half the amount the island nation of the United Kingdom, has by fact of 2014, actually taken in. 

260.3 thousand to Frances 120.9 thousand. 

Spain is a little higher at 56.6% all business figures for gross non E.U birth migration - within borders defined. As free travel at point within the European Union.  

Inclusive of state Sweden's 55.2% of non E.U birth. Germany is in fact lower by a considerable amount standing at 34.6%. 

That again is of a non E.U birth for German officials to claim, that the European Union is in fact then working.

In laymans terms: Traditional they only do take people by majority born in the European Union. Regardless of original cultural make-up.

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 5th 2015.
Talking Italian

In terms of what would therefore be considered as branch rivalry based on weekly competition of who has hit target quotas and the relevant domestic products of exports and import a like? 

It's extremely difficult to look at the E.U citizens of Italy, and then take any one in Greece seriously. Along with their politcians who called a shot gun lure of referendum. 

If the lure of the more commercial sides of the E.U such as what at point were always determined as U.S style shopping malls worked since the Reagan / Thatcher era's of rise, and decline? 

We must also understand free market states have seen a majority of items of desire lowered to status of junk. 

To a point of fractional understanding. 

This is always based around volume and considered original form of Mesopotamian fractions of invoice. Asset based lending on invoices of commodity now being key. Secondary financing for most of the 20th century.  

During the always considered over calculatons by a majority of privately held banking institutions. Based around the years from 2001 thru to 2008, or commonly owned as the greater mortgage default.  

Italy as an often considered poor relation to all 3member states, of what used to be an understandable and controlled migration flow of society. Is by far under most stress. Out of any nation in any form or want to leave the confinements of demands from the self assesed German and Brussels based technocrats. 

We must first then understand what technocrat actually is. 

Unelected on techinical issues of an analytical nature and design. 

Tony Blair in 2015 would be this, based on speaking on its behalf of beta-form-election of self. 

It still doesn't place the Greeks in a position of power at the team meetings. 

Governments not of the people who at the last minute of always being in a position to default. Are wanting not to pay back any of $20.00 bills, from the ATM machines, they have so happily been using. 

How do they expect to hand them back. 

We surmise that non of the recently elected Greek officials did ever arrive in a test tube after becoming an official member of the E.U in January 1981. 

Then by election the same decided by way of either Parliament or Royal decree, or Referendum, again to surrender its own currency in form of the Euro in January 2001. At this point of life have far greater patience with referendums in Crimea and Donbass. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 5th 2015.
Restaurants Are Doing Well. 

Its one thing to watch the TV, and wear jeans, and be so called non partisan of any faith, until walks on the beach start shooting. 

It's also quite old to pretend that the glamor of Greek life is as simple as having the peasant folks between 1986-1990, put you on a cart like the Portuguese did. 

So they're somewhere in between the countries wanting to get out of those area's that any known E.U member who does pay its bills should most likley be considering as a no go. Until it is on their part only. The most relevant point of what it is those countries have to personally do, taking place. Or quit stalking the world based on fantasy-fantantical-wants of achievement. 

Greece has no place. Greece has no place although based on data will still continue to sap the economies of the west. It will be forced into credit swap default. 

Whereby regardless of how and where the now digital data is in terms of banking. Based on it being a place that wants all and sees what we have, and still moves on. Then refuses to pay back it debts. 

There is not a Russian oligarch who would, or will ever stand for this. 

Regardless of how the wests system has been set up for at least the times since the years of 1776. And post the later internal civil war of the now United States. We fully understand they're never has been many UK bars that would keep the better booze under the bar. And fill the Pernod bottles on top with the cheaper products they do have. 

We've all traveled at point and had cheap vacations. Primarily as mentioned the other day. Besides how at least 2000 known recruits already felt in Tunisa and joined terror commercialised outfits prior to being trained.  

With Turkey's treatment of Gay pride marches in the area known as Turkey. I still haven't been back to those places since the year of 1996. 

Having worked full time since, couldn't list one single day out of 14 that you would call anything other than never being on a beach to take a two week vacation, because. 

Or anything longer than a much needed long weekend, whilst one of my then closest allies was working.  

It is American/British philosphy that drives the hardest workers of the west. And as far as one is aware have always had two parents working the best crafts of two working lives to make ends meat. I see the better working elements of the now Greek economy as an insult to Italians, French, Spanish, British and Irish that i do meet. 

In terms of those German governments and technocrats that aren't elected and simply not pulling their weight. Get off your asses make the dam numbers and chip in to the systems - we demand it.  

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