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Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 27th 2015.
Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 28th 2015

Walking as often as i do within a five mile rural radius can and will tell you a number of strange things about the area in which i live. 

As 52 degrees North in the center of England, as you could be. 

A stretch of road that has water seeping out is as likely since the year 2012. Been due to the rise in water tables and usually deep underground bornes. It is the River Blythe that rises in the area of Earlswood, UK, that people will often not provide much credence to.

Talks with Warwickshire County Council Archaeological based on what is undoubtedly an old Roman Fortress, relatively untouched since the year AD60: 

Is a debatable in U.K. historical facts as the now physical placement of Icknield Street only two miles away to the west. It is for the lack of evidence alone that the relevance of time slips by. 

In first starting to hear changes about lives in the modern streams of world, and understanding of the economic change and development around this. 

What has struck me, as a lonesome point of absurd. Is the amount of information detailed within a period of only five years. 

Amounts of uprooted trees in a 2000 year old forest, predominantly
caused due to the amount of rainfall, and with that. The torrents of borne-based streams that often turn rapid. Foliage has grown at a rate of what often seems equatorial: From the backyard of where i do live, with a bedroom less than twenty feet from a nature reserve. To the constant issuance of mud, and dismantling of paths. 

Average walkers at a weekend rarely will see a change to the forest as a once often visitors will only see spurts of growth in children. 

Forestry can work differently. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 28th 2015.
Wear And Tare

Drawing a standard threefold picture of issues that we face. Would also state the strange but true. Out of every 10 cars that ask me for directions in about 1000 that i see: At least one of those cars will be asking me if i can be taken places. 

The quote of it being a dangerous road to be walking down on your own, for a 45 year old man. Who walks 1825 miles a year, within a five-10 mile radius is actually quite alarming. 

It rarely isn't a male that most likely doesn't throw cans out. 

As it never is a woman who asks a man without solicitation if they are, ever then seeking assistance. 

Cans and trash, are as detailed in the picture, as the reality to the wear to the roads will increase. Population however is not within the realms of still ongoing debate, so not then a relevant topic. 

What is far more concerning are the winds, and the changes we face. 

Japanese studies in 2004 thru Elsevier Ltd, INQUA Perspectives 
later published in ScienceDirect fully detailed the effects of cold weather on ecosystems and with that obesity of an ever increasing change on horse chestnuts. 

It is at that point of the talk where perhaps Al Gore's movie meets the realms of Dr.Seuss, meets a working middle class family out for a walk in sneakers.

Throw in all of the politics of the world in an hour, and who then does care based around the one's with the loudest voice are either the people who perhaps arguably should have been made president.

Or maybe. Just the people who complain because they used those names whilst also being successful in wealth. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 28th 2015.
Stratford upon Avon

It was that cold on Friday night in the now ending of July 2015 it forced me to place on an electric oil heater that i had on low in my bedroom. 

I slept until around 11 am on the Saturday after not being able to get to sleep. A temperature change will do that to a body that as is in any stage of life: 

Fully prepared for the summer months after shedding excess winter weights. 

The change then in state 10 pound to a person, is a mere two points that we don't see on the streets. Stratford upon Avon on a Sunday however might have seemed different. 

Traffic, meets new builds, and varying amounts of opportunity with always potential of any known town, city. What we don't always expect is the levels of change. 

In heading back to the relevance of statement about seeing a green patch of snow on a busy mountain ski-ing peak. May not then be a concern for the vast majority of peoples. And in knowledge that a lot of us, and most of the world do care. 

Then at times that we see it makes for an interesting speech. 

Climate change to myself in 2015 is the very great basis of local facts of evidence that we face. As real as finding out the neighbors have left, or a relative is no longer with us. Personal is to therefore understand the very great climate itself. 

What i'm almost certain about to a rationing of a no less than 98%?

U.K fall through winter will be wet, following potential Indian parts to September, and hit us in places currently not on the weather map or with gates. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 28th 2015.

As always in the better part of an opportunity just outside your own front doors. Are the levels of people now involved in following the label here. We currently have a list of over fifty influential names at time of print, who are happy to follow our findings. 

Meteorologists, to keynote speakers who have no doubt being on the campaign trails for years.  

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 28th 2015.
Jim Dawson Fox News Houston

In holding of what i would determine as the first actual telephone call on Sunday with my own mom, concerning what can only be levied as climate change obese. It is as real to myself residing and working within the U.K. district of Stratford upon Avon, as it was when first watching, 'An Inconvenient Truth'.  

The factors having emerged around anybodies life or livelihoods in the year in which this is. Are in stark contrast of realities based on what is therefore quite literally an ever increasing change. As to determine the non causes as not being mad made, are then to also within locality of even subtle changes of weather: Fully understand the relevance of its birth. 

It is as rare to find one horse chestnut on the road in the U.K, as to declare less than one day after the coldest night, since March when colder weather is expected. As to not state the evidence is clear to the stage. 

One horse chestnut in Warwickshire, with a recently fallen forest tree. Are most certainly the realms of glaciers that are perhaps no longer visible in Iceland.

It is our one small patch of grass at the height of the skiing season.

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. July 28th 2015.
How Straight

They asked me at Warwickshire County Council Archaeological
Department, as to the whereabouts of the road. If Earlswood is in deed Roman?

Leading all the way back from the fortress of which we first found and Solihull Archaeological Group confirmed in 2014, as the very least. The best visible evidence they had seen at least, of a British
Medieval Moat house dwelling. 

We argued over the height of fortress itself, against the overall land and back drop it is in. And at least all of the stories they have seen. 

Backing on to a forest being the last undeveloped placement of the greater Forest of Arden. I lived on Blythe for most of my childhood years, and was always confused where the water around Earlswood actually came from. 

At least to call it the Blythe, as at least to then call it a River. 

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