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Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. May 27th 2015.

I could show a picture of the A8 interior, and pretend likes its mine; then that would place me in denial of exactly who it is that i am. 

In remembrance that the Audi 3 was banned from the United States for a while, i did some research for here, and confirmed that was pretty the same for the VW XL1 300 MPG. 

My point being that for whatever reasons the United States, very own car manufacturers, who manufacture cars, for 'their' roads, had made that final decision.

My car works fine and meets all road tests, but you can't help then noticing as one the main island nations to drive on the left hand side with a mere 60 million people in Britain, it's not quite as small as we think. 

For the people who make the cars that come here, and or are then bought in UK garages. It's a fairly niche product if not an ongoing 
niche business.   

Take a look around the internet and you'll find all the modern data. 

Britain, Australia, and Japan, will very unlikely change, from how we do drive, and you'll notice what's' automatically different.

I never did get the argument of a guy like the former Liberal Dems, leader Nick Clegg discussing how, or wanting to stay in the modern EU that refuses to change with us. How he considers himself british by placing the basic in your face structures of the United Kingdom for what they are anyway - as something completely different. 

It doesn't stop you marrying who you want or where you actually then choose to do it.  

Once you've set the jigs up to perform a certain procedure, even if you export some products abroad. It's just as reasonable to think that the Americans don't much really care if they can or can't then get hold of a product in the showroom; Regardless of what the car magazines might print. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. May 28th 2015.
Thats A Very Basic Road. 

I met one of the neighbors yesterday who doesn't own a computer and is considering getting one along with British Telecoms, latest offers of what they have. The broadband package and lets all get the sport through that box. 

What they don't tell you is they don't yet have fibre optics into any of the places like that. And then to get the sport functions, the flow of Mbps has to then be at a certain speed. The facts remaining in regards to no matter who won the UK General Election are still full view in our faces, when its comes to standards of road surfaces, and what that actually means. 

There's high speed rail or HS2 which will be coming through places like this in the next few years. The infrastructure of fibre optics dates back in most places back to around 1996, prior to the first rise and subsequent stall of the internet dot com boom. 

We get what we get, when it's given. 

Surmising any UK politician is reasoned to want to side with non elected bureaucrats then why would you care on the average UK day. Whether we are in the overall structure of an agreement called the European Union or not. It neither changes the placement of the country from where it now is, or stops Tony Blair from heading off to France on vacation. 

It certainly doesn't stop certain countries preventing certain sales to protect their own manufacturing. Or remove niche markets that already existed for whatever reasons they do. 

In mentioning this briefly yesterday about the Greeks, you can't help thinking why they're mad. 

I remember being shocked around 1996 about how much i wasn't going to get via exchange rate in regards how many British pence i lost compared to the then Cypriot pound. That being on the basis of always at point being used to the average of £1.47 to the U.S dollar, and even better if you went to a place like Canada. 

Its what generally puts the swagger in a UK Las Vegas hotel suite: 

Price comparisons work great when you're travelling or not so great if you're not travelling to a place that makes cents. 

Forty thousand dollars earned in the United States, will buy $40,000 worth of goods. So once you've crossed that mental bridge of final acceptance, shouldn't really care what it's worth anywhere else. A trip back to the U.K and a stop of over at the local, 'Dog and Duck', based on your lifestyle change, may seem a little bit like why is that round of crisps and ale $25.00, on my credit card when i get home. 

The average UK trip for myself, would cost around $5000.00 incl, all the flights and rental of the car. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. May 27th 2015.
It's A Serious Proposition.

The hyperinflation that took hold of Greece during 1941-1945 was based around situations of the then Nazi regime looting as much as they could from Greek stockpiles, and hence the round-up of those invasions. 

This as any Greek who is allowed to study history has confirmed 
created a situation of the 100,000,000,000 note to have to then be printed.  

Regardless then of what is stated as losing some formation of EU pride. In a world where it can't get any bigger because they made it finite. You'd have to reason the sense that the British Pound, as was the Drachma with its own infrastructure, is the best form of an in and out policy of free minds. 

What is fair to state that following that period of invasion and what became a growing European world the changes to the Drachma in tune of the 1954 Brent Woods System that held the currency to 30 Drachma to a dollar, and then prior to 2002 at around 400 Drachma to the dollar, still provided the Greeks with flexibility. 

Greece was liberated from the Germans in 1944 and the likes of Mrs Merkel can not and will not ever be able to label that to anyone else. Sat on the EU central bank, with incidents still of EU oddities of banks. 

The situation of the Greeks has then always been much like the kid that started the term late due to illness or not having always been at that school. 

Its understandable why lots of people want to feel European when the label of it is made to sound so attractive. 

Those people at point however, also need to then understand that for all the slums and outside toilets of the U.K after world war 2, we still were able to travel more frequently throughout the 1970's and 1980's. It shouldn't therefore seem odd to those nations that it never stopped us having Pesetas, Francs, Deutsche Marks, or Lira. 

It was a good thing to do European Studies at school around 1983, and what is now viewed by British born soccer players as the final move to the MLS of which has always been a thing. 

There's an element of U.S players, fans and staff that will always now see that for what it is. 

They believe at the ages they are, it's just a good move for the money, before they inevitably retire. 

Its exactly the same as what then started in the 1980's when teams like Birmingham City already had Argentina's World Cup Left back Alberto Tarantini. 

Its doesn't prevent open economies having anyone turn up in search of entertainment and the dream. Its doesn't mean there has to be this ongoing strange thought of above the political debate, and globalised communistic free markets, that suites a few and no one else. 

What i don't understand about global elites of which it is, and still without question, we have to raise questions like that which date back as far as i've just stated. Isn't it often like that the politics of control for the overall proposition of European life just adjusted to what worked, and what didn't.. 

It's not a question its just a simple statement of fact. 

We don't find the Japanese impressing anything they want with insiders in Britain sticking up for them: 

And i wouldn't go as far to state anything in terms of what that means to the average people on the street. Most of us don't drive fifty thousand pound cars even if we've owned them at point or not. Its the not getting too far out of the blocks into areas best left for just a few minutes at night. Its perhaps just concentrating on what we can win during the day. Certainly not just about our cars because most people in formula are mostly one dimensional in their own thinking anyway. I feel sorry for the Greeks, as much as i do, always have truly great memories of Spain, and France as a kid. I did attend a basketball trip to Dusseldorf as a student and also played for Leicester City Youth in Sweden in 1986. First went to the United States in 1980, and often see the downside of what that now is. 

If the rest is just scraping out the small wins, do we care what an EU hopeful still thinks. Tony Blair had his chance and he did with it what he did. Watch out for 401k's on that plane guys, there's talk of them not being what you'd expect. 

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