Thursday, 23 October 2014


Michael David Curley - August 23rd 2014.

Having just received an email from, 'The Washington Times', discussing in depth fears surrounding the mood of American's. If fair to state that were currently one day out from what has been estimated as the first free standing case of Ebola in the UK? 

If we then twist the dials and split the difference between what the U.S press has to state where do we individually stand? Consider the now seemed taken for granted views of a once on the ball Jon Stewart, and spin off shows that then creates? 

Next play into text the rise to reality of an ever increasing guy like Alex Jones? 

Throw a hint of Rachel Maddow on NBC, with the always out there abilities of destroying both interns, and Presidents and you've got yourself Bill O'Reilly as well. The point is there's an awful lot of noise coming out that's almost impossible to screen. Personally I've reached a point where by the phrase of, 'I'll meet you at the gate', is generally all I use. False flags? And are the CIA really ISIS being common, so we have to admit from a standpoint of views, stun grenades in a baby's crib with hooded mens boots on the ground, is most alarming, not alarmest. 

We joke however about the ongoing takeover where everyone is just locked down through fear while police prowl the streets and then see a NYC cop arrest a guy for busking whilst being filmed. It is perturbing to state the least. That being stated also understandable why the stocks are going insane. Isn't it not sad for American's that the founder of Facebook deems it necessary to learn Chinese. 

It neither guarantees long term gevity for his country or anything other than his need.  

I'll go on a side note and state that I'm happy people have listened to why the International Date Line should change. Its a something that's at least verifiable by research. And why modern American's perhaps think like they do. Remember the movie 2012 where the entire west coast was getting swallowed up? 

To me that was a physiological effect brought on through knowledge and lack of understanding about the dateline. The running out of time and yet always feeling strangely ahead of the curve. The soldiers on the streets perhaps more a symbol of needing to have people observe the once great generation of people who they are. 

Personally it doesn't matter that leaders of the modern newscore dislike one another. What is important is clarification of the leads. I often find that drama's of listening to other people's view more disturbing than writing them down on my own. It seemed strange that InfoWars would have their British reporter fly out to the states, then in his first week discuss immigration and, how unemployment figures were fixed. But then if you're possibly being watched for mad theories in the U.K then that's why. It all comes down to facts about freedom of speech. If your were approached and asked not to discuss something then you may just be a touch inclined to observe. 

You'd also have a responsible reason to not decline, or possibly state it differently. Why? Because. 

I have a number of issues surrounding certain qualms with the United States, however also don't see that John McCain would have been any better of a leader. He flat out wanted to bomb Hong Kong. Insisted that sanctions be placed over Ukraine. Decided President Assad is the bad man whilst caught on camera sitting with the so called leader of the so called Islamic State. 

And then of course there's the issue of knock on effects which upon observation, still has its knock effects where I live. I see a bar at the end of the street, white boarding around the hole that should have been where 6000 sq feet of housing should be, and yet there's nothing, but wait?

A new book makers just opened up because they obviously think its an area that's worth it. Phase one of the need not to concentrate on why the hardworking gym and hair salon need some long term options of truth and sustainability, or workforce with people who have money. Its very easy then to watch the news, and read the online views to not get the obvious multiplication of conspire and belief. And in between that theres criminals. It makes sense that a fringe organization might use what a popular non commercial primetime news link doesn't mean, but not forced to the truth find crossover.   

Under the requirements of a council such as Blackpool in the U.K they've deemed it now anti-social behaviour for our men or groups or partying guys on weekends away to wear what are commonly known as mankini's.

Its not something I'd necessarily go for myself and yet based on a protest over whether they can't fashion from the middle east is deemed worthy of being able to look like the outgoing verdicts of what the clan wear?

Even if it is upsetting via rights, don't they have designated places? Man i hate, Illinois nazis. bum bum.

So then understand why protests get louder in the streets. I don't think it is the news as much as its a complete loss of words from men like Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet, and anyone who believes population reduction is a fansical thought made up by freaks. Its perhaps then a need for the leaders of networks to hold a conference and discuss openly what they all believe that is. 

Not have Alex Jones shout down a fellow member of the press, to help out the ratings or at least for a few hours whilst its someone else's open forum to speak. 

Jon Stewart started as an actor and went into what he does now?

Sure it was funny when the world still at large believed messes were actually only worked around George Bush. The downside at least in the U.K is although culturally exchanged are somewhat different unless we've actually abstained. Its a difficult choice to watch the modern American's self imploding. Its a really bad line to understand that as much as we're being watched then everyone else is as well. A cop telling a guy he can't busk based on what, for and where art thou? 

Flick over to the news where they just decided to beat the hell of you because, and they do, and its awful. Its hard not to mention that they've stood in my actual former home which I owned and paid mortgage on that based on the hearsay of a courtroom on a Friday afternoon, without me there. I can't ever return, or drive, 'that', vehicle again? "Can you read"? "Are you not an adult"? 

All these being questions in my home. None with any recourse of course then we watch the news, and see Alex Jones going as he does against the views of a milder and yet more empowered Rachel Maddow. She in due course obtaining more rights as a lesbian under the Obama administration than women who work for an Indian Microsoft born. The former chief of that company not being questioned publicly to point or lose face so then quit. 

That's 2 billion this week. Asking why population has anything to do with his own personal questions or views anyway. I don't doubt for one moment that every aspect of media is controlled, in fact even at this level you know it is. 

Its the consistent in house fighting and needs of a Zuckerberg to change his ways of speech to even gain a hope of expansion into China.   

Theres some basic questions that my belief is once you stop asking then you're lost. Houses come and go, and its sad when we reach a point where ending a life is too real. Its understandable that Glenn Beck will tell his kids to collect as much cash as they can, and be prepared to get out as soon as they can. The greater question is where? 

Even in Shaun of the Dead we find the two local hero's head back down to the pub. Most prisoners who escape from open prison get caught nipping back around to their moms, so its reasonable to believe that with a population of 1.3 billion, a country with an ongoing policy of capital punishment or possible death over guilt through courts, is likely to have over 2000 people per year. In the United States, 43 people were removed from civilization in 2011 with over 3000 on death row, and still you watch the walking dead.

The one great thing that's happened in the world of so called conspiracy is the world's leading voices outwardly all gathered at the National Press Club, in Washington DC. That to discuss what most people feel is often and odd, yet here at times. Why not the open issues of the press from all worlds being discussed and forcing the issues that we do have. 

As far as my research is aware, inclusive of Liverpool University, and other articles you do find. Ebola is the plague. The plague has been reported as reported by here and the CDC since 1900 with over 3000 cases in the United States alone. Same symptoms, same areas of entrance from the unknown? 

Does it help the government out, why of course it does. It doesn't get them elected again, as the present UK government will soon be finding out. That being stated encourages people to watch at least five minutes of other programs, just to see. My mind fully understands why the world doesn't need one hundred percent of anyone, or why new people informed won't then and can't then break through. We're passed the worlds of Cowell and his darlings lounging around in bare feet. Its the realities to the small things that we miss until its on our streets, until its at our doors. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. That's all Mr Churchill ever knew, and watching your favorite politician spin a line while they're using it neither gets me back my child, or promises the next one they win.