Have You Listened To The Merry Go Round (A Youtube Only Release)

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Michael David Curley - April 17th 2014

My late departed friend was a graphic design, and for reason's only known to himself. 

Having worked for large organizations in that specialized field of design would not only read up on all the latest out looks, concepts and reasons of why. But also worked to success in a much much larger field. His greatest challenge met in the onslaught of modernized approaches to the masses was this: "I can do what your doing for fifty quid, why would you want to charge me, a figure of three thousand"? 

He being nice, would often just get out of his seat and leave. 

So lets jump over to the growing concerns now at Google, with a well reported 5% drop in stock due to advertising. The click rate ratio is down, and the realities to the volume of people it doing is up. Often the way which saw Apple stock do the same, as recently reported as January of this year. 

Both not ironically after reporting increases in sales.

As far a advertising on the net goes, have often wondered at what point passed the initial upfront payments that these companies do get, does the reality over time actually sink in. Apple presentations where ground breaking office wise around 2006/2007, because most people sat around the table didn't have a clue. But then lest we forget that only by 2008, had we seen 162 million websites worldwide, compared to 100,000 around 1996. Mass versus volume, versus, lets just pay them upfront right? 

Do you see where my point is going with this, when they finally hit the cold dark gray of a balance sheet?

Its exactly the same now in advertising, and even to a point where, we might find a guy or a girl in a club, discussing something that feels right, that even less than 18 months ago, no one in terms of an ultimate award winning curve, would ever be winning you money. But wait?

Because turn it to a point where an age old way of taking a self image, gets changed, and the brains at Oxford, have to place it in the dictionary, as selfie. There's an age old story of zen, and the masters who where happy to allow the reflections of the well painted wall, reflect on to their own clear white images, so they moved. 

And in terms of state a video service I've already stated it. No seriously what's the point. Its boutique not to, and when its a thing because as a person I'm not any less serious than the one guy out of 1000 you do want to promote when there's money, because we've entered the generation of fifty quid a coward, then in terms of the losses at the top end its exactly what you do get. 

How long does anyone who's trained within a realm, or lineage of work, have to stand there, and then later explain to a crowd, or have others who don't care surmising they can no longer make any money, still be told, and take it?

No really, its amazing because they do, and we place these devices in all sorts of people's hands, and that's okay, but there's people who don't want to know what it is that they're doing. I don't necessarily not like any products your selling, but I've traveled around. Some of the people they're pushing, are only a month older than me, so what do I care about a twenty year old around town. 

Answers on a postcard? 

I don't give any clues to how it is, or what it is that your doing. I'm not even batting up for a charity because its loud. Layman's talk on that one, not unless you're paying. And having not been on vacation since around the good year 20 years gone by, you know, where you all just lay back around town. Let me tell you something surmising what it is, if is is still looking. What you do think I don't chunter to myself while I'm walking round, about peoples who took the very good revenue's I did find? 

You don't believe that surmising I had option to do it, I wouldn't raise their whole entire families from the ground? Oh I'll meet the many in a designated take off zone, anytime you want it.

Beyond that, I don't care if you are tripping, its the good commercial that I do need, and now formally appointed an ad.