Saturday, 16 August 2014


Michael David Curley - August 16th 2014

If the opening comments about the sound system being loud wasn't edited out from some of the larger known organizations. Then the post-cut-phasing of a full bodied figure was just strange. There always is it seems a number of odd entities in terms of what in truth are fairly strange United States situations. Myself actually wanting to get the full uninterrupted presidential speech regarding, 'a number of topics', on the Presidents plate, had no reason to doubt. Moreover, with it happening within the time it literally takes an automatic-focusing-lens', along with the comments on the sound, President Obama heads off into what one would think is a fairly large room full to the brim. Certainly by the questioning at the end of debates surrounding recent African delegates in Washington DC. 

The world is advised that Mr Obama along no doubt with his family are happily playing golf, and relaxing in the most usual spot of Martha's Vineyard. However inclusive of comments by a representative of the, Fraternal Order of Police, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's early comments and a need to hug and make up.We were informed that none of the press had been allowed to join in the photo-op. 

Furthermore to not attempt to confuse the situations that in truth require further people then speaking out. 

The next question beyond the ability and intent is what are the present day reasons for pretense. And surmising footage of the eighteen year old man shown, allegedly, strong arming a convenience store prior to being shot is valid to discuss. Is it therefore also reasonable for the public to question exactly where their president was during what should be a routine administration press call. 

Obama morphing in. 

The irony of the phase is always of course positioning. Surmising the situations of mass crowd demonstration are still taking place. Besides being publicly knocked by one of his supposed strongest allies. Along with what is known as the, 'Fraternal Order of Police', he has spoken out against situations escalating. We must also question the physical countries abilities currently to control any attempts of a cu. It has also gone on record that known online groups have posted detailed video's of exactly what will happen should the situations not be resolved.

Even in the room he is never there or quite in line. 

In terms of the evidence provided here via C-Span, we quickly see the all be it fairly quiet presidential room, in Martha's Vineyard, following the initial morph and statements regarding the sound. However freezing the frame as we see in this picture, we also notice oddities in the stance. Both of Mr Obama's hands are placed firmly on the podium, as one would expect as if providing an address. However, not his feet. Use of frame at a higher increased zoom, clearly shows, as it does in the frame above using the c-span logo as an aim, that the presidents feet are moved to the right of the podium floor. Therefore the edge of the right hand side of the podium at equal to the edge of the left hand side of his left shoe. His jacket and arms if placed on another podium elsewhere are therefore placed in position on top. One then refers you back to the second shot on this page. Actual morphing taking place is most likely a good half to full foot away

The close ups.

The close-ups as are in any self-styled just taking some time out from the holiday position full on using the audio overlay. It is also at this point that the audio physically skips. Unable of course to bring you that by way of show and tell open to debate. Certainly in terms of why the press were supposedly not able to attend the evening function at Martha's Vineyard itself. This where-by the 44th President and Mrs Clinton would hug, following her continued none Ferguson style signing's at the book club. We also must discuss the relevance to ongoing usage of tear gas in the districts of St.Louis as well. Does it matter anyway?

Well as a guy who settled on into to bed last night simply to watch the news, one didn't come away with the full story of simply seeing the President of the United States of America, on the television providing a speech. Its not the general thing we have happen here in the U.K. 

So who are the Fraternal Order of Police? A grand lodge home page doesn't indicate its great. 

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