Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Michael David Curley - December 17th 2014.

Its a sad lot that you never hear the thoughts of President Obama in terms of Sony actions on not releasing the mindless thoughts of at least two of his countries so called leading actors. And as strange but as he is based on celebrity shelf lives, did however mention the realities regarding singer Kanye West. 

The interesting twist on listening to well suited analysts discussing the downfall of the Russian economy is always a failure to commit passed the open door policies of the press. The near $400bn deal the country signed with the Chinese and what everyone in asset based lending still knows, that being volume based business and turnover. 

The picture above and extremely well timed annual statement from the UK's RAC, one of two known major recovery experts on the UK's roads is two fold: 

1. They're back in the press sounding intelligent.
2. They make complete and utter sense. 

Realities alone of consumption on oil in the world and needs to do what even Britains present main opposition believe is possible is to bring down the deficit. The only possible way to do anything other than working twenty four hours per day at seven days a week, which is what most western countries turned to some time back is volume. 

I mentioned here in an article recently this year that for all the woes in the world the entire continent of the South, and North America including Alaska on mountain time, with Hawaii in the pacific need not be set by the imaginary 180 degree line in the Pacific: 

It could and should by account of need to boost economies and do exactly what men like Labour's Ed Miliband believe then increase natural turnover and volume for a round 72 hours over the rest of the world within the first week. Atlantic UTC.

But they don't.  

The increase in demand with the increase in even limited needs to present exposure to natural gas is the luxury the Al Gore's can't afford. The truth's about anyone who isn't U.S born who believes after at least four terms of both Republican or Democrat which is the worst of the better for the world. In terms of where individuals live is fair then to state what you know. The only way to kill ISIS is to kill the Sheikhs of the oil worlds in the middle east. I've certainly read how the reality is the other way around, but then what modern leader has relatives that not only then do business daily with these people often under U.S tax breaks, but then still happy to wear a ring, and not get called out.  

The best course of action for a UK spin doctor is to literally now spin away from the man. President Obama is an American issue, as understanding that the western banking elites aren't our friends. 

There's a niche by the BBC that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when they're talking because its generally as they know from a script makes you feel safe. And then the realities regarding what the other channels might miss is the assumption of a need to bring that out or often bring it down. We understand American's mostly here in Britain because traditionally we speak the same languages. 

I watched the show the other night about how the United States pulled the plug in UK spending after world war two, and the new Labour government had to fly out there and make an issue based on a need to borrow from the Federal Reserve. There's wasn't one single mention of who the Federal Reserve is, which based on the realities to the world now,  is insanity, on what other than that being a major factor is never not supplemental. You can't unlearn what people in an industry asked you to learn in 2003, prior to the then sub-prime rise, bubble, and subsequent burst. 

What if oil goes down to $15.00 a barrel?

Why should anyone in the United States or European Union even with a British Isles still in the EU, care about anyone in the middle east, and certainly in terms of what it is they're hitting us with. Its never been the Russian's in this century who've changed the very way large corporations trade on the stock exchange in Sharia based bonds that are loaded. And surmising then that the estimated 420 billion dollar fortune of the last private families private secret stash doesn't make you wonder what the connection is, with most things that are happening, inclusive of how two people off the TV are now in the house of Lords, then it should do or in time by a force will or has. 

We sit there on UK nightly news and now get bull shouted about a need for local government and separate parliaments and then from a distance refuse to ever see the plan. I don't care what anyone from American culture thinks right now, because places like the Federal Reserve needs to be publicly shut. 

For the record I worked in the United States banking industry from 1999-2007, in all areas of management from branch level, business banking, corporate, and commercial mid to high level loans, $500K to £10,000,000. Controlled the famous Pike Place Market Branch for U.S Bank, the country's sixth largest bank, and later worked for a private U.S bank out of Atlanta, Georgia, inclusive of then later for a sub-prime payroll company who were bought out for $125 million around twelve months prior to the crash by a firm called JLL financiers in New York. That being by Ace Check Cashing the United States, largest network of shops. The first U.S company I worked for and wrote about due to irregular dealings in Washington State were dismantled and takeover by no later than 2010. The understanding of the situation that so easily gets swamped is an area that professionally was brought to my attention as early as the Summer of 2002. 

The greater question therefore is volume based on what and how that drives the economy to a point any new government can't afford based on a global economy to turn back. The only option therefore is to drive the global demand.