Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Michael David Curley - October 21st 2014.

I happened to catch the UK showing of the latest Steve Jobs movie last evening! What I found comical in the real world is how the actor that played him is now the face of Lenovo. Surmising you let go and take it for a movie that it is. Slightly rushed at the end based on the interplay between both him and Bill Gates? 

Its an oddity of Microsoft after launching Apple 2. The character of Jobs played by Ashton Kutcher already driven hellbent accused Gates of being non human. At least in an imaginary phone call likely based on the book about Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson?

If we take a look at the new incarnation of non American borns running Microsoft we find that his female counterparts are asked not ask for salaries, or simply placed into worlds of that effect. Sounds almost Indian based on treatment of women out there with battery acid sprayed in their face. Even the new PM called for cleanliness following needs of his latest ongoing campaigns. 

What is fair to state is that other than a woman who the jobs character proudly refers to as his mom, who brings in articles of food when required, with a dad that is just happy to see him build things. There never was anything like a soulful go getting seem. Remember Sam Adams beer? 

That was slightly the reverse as one remembers from a time when my former spouse worked there. Any CEO will advise that the best and greatest go getters of modern times, often find a female counterpart a must. 

The far greater matters of life have since proved it. 

The greater question for myself is basic innovation or pretense of what a former pot smoking executive would achieve, surmising he did ever stop smoking weed. 

Steve Jobs was capable of achieving. Like Tom Hanks's character in Big. The big kid who gets to go play with the toys until he grows up and meets the board. "I don't get it", hand up he asks. Ahh isn't he cute. later on its "I don't get it, because I don't like you, your seeing see my bird", but that comes from executive middle management and within. 

That's exactly how Jobs paid off?

Most of what we saw on Star Trek Next Generation was what Apple built in the end. And yet now all we get are observations through the price of stock, even if thats what investors always got. Example of new Hudl 2 is not surprisingly being placed on top shelves above the cigarette counter at my local Tesco stores near where I live. Check out staff are encouraging the customers to go check out the vorking models at the big store a couple miles down the road. £129.00 and the memory cards pulls out as well. Not a bad price. 

Sony had already invented the walkman, and yet Jobs walked in and stole all the publishing there to, on BS baffles inter departmental issues. Apple today are forced to apologise in forcing people to take on U2's latest music? Ultimately from being upset about a product he potentially ruined the music he loved. Apple CEO Tim Cook who replaced the last chap who declared a pending $1000 stock price in the coming sort of looks like Steve Jobs as well. That conversation had to have been mentioned in the boardroom. 

Investment guru's Motley Fool were advising via email link last year that the greatest mistake made was never taking spectrum networks on. Its all really good when exciting but its desperate forcing software people don't actually want.  

You didn't have to force anything on anyone post Red Rocks where only 2500 people turned up due to weather forecasts and yet by, 'With or Without You', who cared anyway. Apple are working with a guy who by reports of last few year only provides 2% of total revenues from his charity One, and yet the Clinton's get moaned at for 50% committed and still have to put up with Monica Lewinsky as the time warp moves on, Twitter hashtag that, at the oval office has landed. 

I'm not sure cigars in the White House could ever be the same again. DiCaprio movies open with blow jobs in cars, and yet they don't tell us that on the cover skins, so its a very sad state of living the life of second bests. Heres some great ideas they never came up with but Google thought of here. What about autosave on social media for all of their devices?

I switched to this platform last year from almost 8 years of paying $20,00 per month. That's leverage based on word of mouth. The same as the store that most people state is now failing. Apple are working in a volatile market against numerous products with a need to fight varying wars they can't win. There's as much leverage in stating that the man who used to run Microsoft must have done something to Steve Jobs's and his health. 

Didn't the Russians off that guy in London based on what the British government believed he'd done. What ever happened to the lawsuit to bring down the size of Microsoft and its claims just prior to Apple's second breakout? 

I don't trust any situation in business like this and corporate espionage is exactly what classic cases of historical reference are. So the more likely a candidate is for early departure due to stress, or ill health due to anything you ate the less the board or inventors will want it. But woe betide if they're fit or loud mouthed. 

Within recent hours of writing this co Apple founder Steve Wozniak has announced he's now a professor at a University in Sydney, Australia, joining what is known as, 'The Magic Lab'? 

All must seem exciting for a guy who invented everything. There has to be some students there that right about now who are just livid as a cheese cake wanting to make function seem easier in the light?

There's a funny thing that most of these companies tend to find out. Diversification is vital to not actually end up getting swallowed up. Sure I'll have these conversations with people who want them out loud, it certainly would save me on the spelling, and attempting to get it right. However clearly indicated at the top, it makes sense to exist in a world where by people stop and visit me for something other than music. I don't force them to take my sounds, like Bono, because.

I don't have the budget. That's called working the crowd and if no one turns up on any particular day then I'm saddened. 

Everything's my fault.  

There's a reason why standard procedures are still the same even if the basis of reality to technology has changed. Once the combine harvester was invented other than sucking it up with some floating devices then the people who eat what it reaps are satisfied, certainly the farmers, for a while. 

Apple like Lenovo who by word of mouth my sister told me were good are all now going for the same brand of customer alike, why do they need him? Sainsburys pay Beckham £5 million, then he dresses up in velvet and sells aftershaves? 

Exactly how any major bank wants the A1 commercial lines of credit on their books. It reduces the overall risk. 

Exactly the same are computers businesses wanting the very same students or schools, or home users, but always with an ongoing twist. The more people you do get, the greater the risk. And stock prices although fun to talk about are really just a by product of something else. 

The upshot is if I do write, I'm positive, then when people do come in and read it, which they do, I just have to hope theres never too many mistakes. I'm not Ed Sheehan, but then neither are the thousands of other artists who play and sing guitars across the universe. 

You could show the footage of him with only a few hundred views stood on cart at a festival near Ipswich. That was 2008, in the fourth largest market in the world, the U.K. But then that makes my products less. Jealousy abounds a man who does. I can't imagine him doing this. Then much like my songs,  I'm just simply then stating my case.  

Funky Machine - Written, produced and performed by Michael David Curley
When money could have been put in.