Sunday, 27 July 2014


Michael David Curley - Picture Copyright A.P July 27th July.

Throw your self back a few years to when the big kids in the school yard were chasing you, and you might just turn around and do the same thing. Plead parlay, and lets discuss alternatives. The Commander and Chief is in a lot trouble. He's lied since day one, but worse of all, he's lied during the events, and been caught out for a lot more than Richard Nixon was

In stating that, you have to perhaps look at who the United States would have had in around 2008, with the now hindsight ramblings of mad man John McCain. But then that's not the issue. Ships can only zig-zag two ways once closely tailed by the enemies, and left or right, they can. Unless your the UK's Ed Miliband, who's hard core of supporters in councils happily use their elected positions to fly the Palestinian flag. 

That's a sinkable offense out at sea. Failing that, what about those new and invigorating new political parties 

That being stated. The Councillor from Labour controlled Bradford, does have both of his ears pierced.

A bit of difference from 2008.

One understands his position as even a man who decides to be a writer. Get your thoughts down, put them out there and, reason it like it is. In your own world you are king, so out there in the land of opinions your just another potential voice, who also does the citizen thing. Because, lets face it, at the age of 34 had I been given sufficient enough funds to run for office at best, would have made it. Its really not that difficult, especially when your looking at people's real time track records in other things. 

Major difference is.

Most of us who don't just use the realities of working life, and foster it for a novel, we experience exactly what it takes, so the greater question is. How much has the present United States of America, done for the American economy? 

And at the end of the track record of facts, versus everything the next potential candidate endures have the traditions of what they believe to be right, actually now been eroded away? 

Constitutionally speaking. When my own government in the UK, threatens you to vote with fear of being tied up in £1000.00 worth of hassle if you don't provide an independent company with your details, something fearful is most certainly going on. 

My thoughts after watching state, Nigel Farage and a now well respected, 'United Kingdom Independent Party', in European Parliament, goes a little something like that. 

Why are you here?

Its the same by way of understanding that I don't not want to vote for people, who do make it their position to run for parliament, I'm not an anarchist. And respectfully have always found it in lighting. However, my own thoughts towards alternatives that have provided at least some solace, since returning from situations that one never believed he would be in. Having never been arrested for anything in the UK, ever, always maintained a solid side because of being in banking. Until your suddenly placed in a situation where by a country you loved at both state, and federal position, have outlined you now as a thug. 

So take the deal of fester. 

Its easier to not play parlay, and face it. I don't have to defend my record, all the people ever have to do here, is take some time to read, give me a camera with an audience, or provide me ten minutes of time on the US national circuit with some press. 

As British people we are currently placed into a position that regardless of what the Americans think, we are forced to support them. In some Sudo-Thatcher-Reagan- style, that has regardless of time, been erased. And sure they'll all go on vacation and talk scripts. Holidays and, money are always a different thing.  

Understanding language being a thing. Controls of business and corporate situations, we can fool most of the people all the time. Well that's great. 

Then your always going to be walking into new waves of press, like the very well thought out Vice News. I don't want to listen to the BBC, but I will listen to the thoughts of the people who live in Ukraine. I don't want to listen to that politician, because the hand book to which you use tells me to. 

Bill Clinton, hated Barack Obama, and subsequently, Hillary Clinton, and him fell out. 

In terms of Black American's he ain't. And I'll go to the polls with that, because quite simply his lack of policies had me locked up with pure blood African American's. And there's two schools of parties that would understand exactly what he never did, as some fun loving guy who could have invigorated the world. Yet as soon as he gets into office the patriot act was extended. That's not a question its just fact. The whole basis of exactly why even Seattle American's became tired of George W. Bush.

They even locked up sailors who were on the bridge of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Oh yeah, I was in jail with them as well. Disgusting. 

Its quite laughable to myself as an Englishman who is reasoned into corners that a Hollywood actor some how knows more about this life, and living in England, after raising an American kid. More so than myself. Like they're the only one's ever to have done anything for charities, or allowed under the present regime's to state a certain way of life? 

Because had I had the support of a United States Constitution, would never at least be in this country now, exactly sat here stating this. These people didn't care about myself on a Saturday morning being told in chains, that I'd have to wait 15 days to even get a hearing. They don't care now when my Birmingham born mother who went to school at the one of five now involved in a Muslim plot, was run ragged up the steep hills of Seattle. Then within six months, had open knee surgery that almost killed her. Which she never paid for on the National Health Service.  

Monies inconsequential.

The present government of a country to whom I rallied for in Tacoma, based off what I thought was a game changing play for the good, have due to pure ways of self, let it down. No doubt inspired the double ear ringed Counsel man in Bradford U.K, who's tweets are a little more full on this week than last. In between the pictures of his dog falling asleep. The lack of education to the UK Youth that attending raves in 2014, are now that dangerous from synthetic Israeli made drugs, especially when you travel down from Yorkshire, drink all day, and are expected to survive almost 48 hours, over weight, ass hanging out at two in the afternoon, escorted by the police, and have parents not much older than myself.

There's a part of me which understands any parents wishing stricter controls on their children. Point is you don't have to be part of Trojan horse here, you just have to wear a Trojan full stop. Only having one child and at the age I'm at understanding that one is all I needed, and have to deal with all of this or not. Jump into the statistics of life, that minority groups claim they own because of the sad little has been's like myself. 

So lets get back to Obama, and if he deserves a parlay or not. 

Fight me.