Monday, 29 September 2014


Michael David Curley - September 29th 2014

I walk a minimum of five miles a day and have done since around the year 2008. That being a statement should add in terms of my own past abilities to run, its now changed. That having reached varying points and crossroads in life had for many years seen the full ongoing scale of that ability. I ran today merely to test out my theory but noticed having not gone out to run in at least 36 months, my brain neither corresponded to the areas of fact where it does it without thought, or placed my body into a position of want that it truly felt like it could. 

Starting out with a quick jog in my jeans, and walking boots running over some fallen trees. I turned in an quick aging dash and stopped. Not out breath! However left feeling extremely un L.A, cumbersome and far-less-energetic. 

Fully understanding the swift change in heart rate would affect me felt the urge to see how fast I could get. I've been in that arena where-by you power house let rip, through a period of youth where by i ran track for my school at county, and then again around the age of thirty after initially losing some weight. Then between the age of 37 to 40 ran solidly for no less than twenty four months at Seattle's Green Lake. 

So is it just better when people are there?

That's an interesting question I ask myself a lot. Does the ability to entertain even in the on-going arena of crowded social gathering's actually change the way we think? Or is it as most obvious statement of life such as when my dad once discussed physical retirement from football, or UK amateur soccer for him. I place my thoughts aside for a moment and pick up the ringing phone to my mom. Mentioning the very same thing discuss the why's and wheres ragging in American news surrounding vaccinations for kids. And although as somewhat different subject other than health, due to certain injections on myself, told they brought on some early 1970's fits. 

Is it actually imperative that we do run?

That being the question my now soon to be retiring from work mom states to her 44 year old son.We take all these variations of health that we do know inclusive of getting out of the house, to showering and brushing our teeth, and yet its rare that a person or parents will ever then press you on speed. I need to know if you ran! They're asking me on the questionnaire if you're actively putting in the miles under 7 minutes so it probably best we all get busier down at the gym. 

You have to fully understand that you're never going to stop a person from running. Its a convenience of life however that's provided at least a good three generations of household names realities of being forced to quit that we don't ask. Due to injury and natural age in many sports the underlying questions should then be asked. Surmising your a person who stays relatively fit and doesn't smoke cigarettes, or waste a good liver on drinking to excession all your life. Is it actually necessary that a human does actually run to stay fit?

Do a little research on the English word of jog and, you'll find it mentioned in jest in some Shakespeare. The often sarcastic thought of the early person somehow being more active because they're out there moving at a speed no more than one mile per hour more. I walk ten miles at no less than four, and would hazard a guess I'll hit five at a push. Detailed to a point of jogging is indicated at movement of just less than six so it does raise a few valid questions. The hot day in summer that suddenly brings the viriles out on to the trails with their tops off? 

Is that more a principal of point or, perhaps a lack of long stay in knowledge that walking at an even pace might just benefit both?

No matter who the sports stars are, or track and field or team games, its rare we ever see them in a pro-am-celebrity sprint fest, once they're gone. And as fast as the fastest star can be at whatever age, or with that at any distance they will get. In terms of what our brains understand as physical human development. Its serves us no purpose in a modern world to be quick. Or does it? These are the questions my own experiences are literally now bringing up. And in not looking at it from an angle of regret or, wishing that I could have, felt less inclined to want to get back out there on the next day, in thought that I was going to be running ten miles up the trails because I could. 

My greater point is that perhaps a lot of modern jogging at the ages most tend to do it is purely just vanity not thrust. Dare to state that you could in fact get a few weeks of courses at any age and, gain at least some definition to your shape, because I've seen it, and understand then that the power to look good, doesn't actually ever go away. The perhaps ability to run is a something most would always want. However take it like a person who due to life then can't get out, yet not yet considered disabled, and your struggling. 

A necessity that you don't have the, umph, as they say to head up the road, is frustrating. 

In closing would merely add that I have been that guy even in private that hit top speed, and everything was poetry in motion so perhaps I don't mind. An yet it does feel weird. I'm also the guy who's maybe slightly more creaky than the next man who never did. Played over 70 games of semi-professional soccer in one season aged then only 17. By the age of 21 due to injury had quit.