Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Michael David Curley - April 22nd 2014.

Its a stark contrast to the Mike, I used to know sat here pondering out a thought to the possible world of a visit. Cancelling out three minor visits to a creative offerings, I had on YouTube, did so on the basics of the point. 

If you're not saying anything then you've no rights being on the stage. Work wise its fair to state that the seventy one dollars and twenty four cents accumulated from musical endeavors, dating back to around the last time of count being October 2009, rightly so at this ten year point to career in that field, is more than happily taken. (Formally will leave it at that, having removed future reminders to passers by, as to that which one had achieved). Past tense being the realms of what your Psych would find, is important at least from the point outgoing to state it all. 

Not only does this man, the father, wish to protect his one only son, but also does not wish to protect or attack, the life to which he now has, without contact to his bio-logical father, still being forced to take on. 

So am I angry?

Let me ask the visitor this, because at least in the western world its a shame to state that regardless of time, and a child's, and even any adults mind, its on going. 

If I came into your home, based on hearsay of your partner without prior complaint, and or third party refused to not only hear valid testimony from a ten year partner, you as the individual may just raise cause to be concerned. Then without the aid or access to money, using hear stated law, provide a 5 year absence, without recourse to either your own UK, courts as a British citizen, and/or knowledge of any fair US based hearing, due to the exacting description, of that which has also been provided, you may just ongoing band be worried.  

Therefore, not ever having wished any harm, or malice to any individual, still to this day, even within the realms of the United Kingdom, due to these people's acts, within the realms of this description, must answer accused, (Therefore retract). 

Having spent over $7000 US dollars, from initial outset at attempting to fight the stance taken under US Washington State Family Law, was then prevented with the other, based on failure of that party to provide recourse official as judgment by the courts, and still to this day, after official UK Solicitor intervention, at my testimony of Parental Abduction, where met with A/ We didn't know B/ Hearsay verdict, and then past story as to what the situation was. 

So let me ask the individual who has no course of action but to ponder what it is that I have done. 

In now searching only last night for the first and last name of a woman, to whom, as by normal marital stance was bonded to for just over ten years, sharing ever aspect of life. Actually okay with the fact that she's by one and two pictures provided through social media, on November 13th 2013, has along with the natural involvement of our son, moved on. 

In moving on, and failing to provide any recourse to Superior Court Ruling, did so at the leisure of on paper, changing my name, and/or providing immediate provision to the seemed father of her latest additions, to which, other than my own son, certainly have nothing to do with me. 

That being a natural progression of life, accept, the fact that she did, has done so, and aided primarily through the fruits of her criminal family, that being accusation based solely on testimony, and further five year findings, is able even if they are, to move on. 

My point? 

One does not care, and in terms of a natural progression of moving away, during divorce, based on what was only ever irreconcilable differences, which first placed on to official court papers, was later scribbled out, is all due to changes of career, and mind, ever did take place, or should now, be at the focus of our particular child's life. 

Point being addressed: There are a number of my friends, to whom, one not only grew up with, but also, came back across on returning to the placement of our meeting. 

At point of origin, therefore state this, primarily for my soon to be 11 year old son.

I love you, have always loved you, and not one day from the day of your birth on May 2nd 2003, in the birthing room, having cut the chord that extended you this life, have I ever, or will ever stop. One has no idea as to what demographic society wishes to place on us, or why, even with basic forms of plea, basic contact, of facts can not, and will not be provided. 

The United States Of America, regret to inform. 

Therefore, as not to be pulled into trap of desires of wanting, have no other angle other than to be the stand up man, to whom up until the very night, the almost five years ended, the life you know today, began. 

One wishes you well in your family, and hopes, without the assistance of all, in health of your own continued visits, will choose at point to stay. It being customary therefore in most honest western cultures, would understand that any man of metal with lives understand the clause. Moreover, do not regret any actions taken. By law, common ground with ongoing abilities and intent. My name is your father, and at point of reference, happy now to give you it all. In terms therefore declarations, never wished to ever make this a public affair, the lack of my child's photo, being anchor, and warning to you all. Your are not only taking honest British blood, DNA, soul, and defiling of the church, are also in other parts, and regions of the planet, simply now being observed. This is not my doing, this is lack of your international controls.

I am British, but will not, nor never have stood with a fool. It is not only difficult therefore to gain the continued access to rest that is needed, but also, reason the thoughts. It is I who has been forced to provide access to the many by doing this. Not for any would be personal gains, but also loss consider by laws. 

My abilities to work in the absence of others therefore appall, from British Alien with green card, manager of two banks, and recipient of international academy award. 

The artist formerly known as. 

Michael David Curley.
For And On Behalf.