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Michael David Curley, MikeCurleyMusic.Com. April 29th 2015.
Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. April 29th 2015. 

As if the shocks of a still in office United States President couldn't get any stranger? 

The realities around Barack Obama prior to a U.K general election are actually quite disturbing. It doesn't take an expert to find out about the interview. That should at least have anyone who knows the man at loggerheads to think. 

Half brother and best man at his wedding is outing him as cold and ruthless. Google the links of Frank Marshall Davis and film maker Joel Gilbert, and see what is set to be now just a growing trend. 

In an open society with varying views? 

It shouldn't really make much of a difference about what edge of political life you hold or choose. The leader of a known political party attending the house of a man who tells his followers not to vote, is purely media. 

The connections between Labour leader Ed Miliband's main PR guru and communist David Axelrod are not. The socialist ties to Chicago and assisting the U.S Democrat party at least from 2004?

Makes the continued frauds around the man who changed his name to suit, until every honest man and woman in the western world is in knowledge of facts and why, demanding.
The Cover Up King.

To sit around a table in a UK election debate and not be aware of the facts some few short days away from a vote. With other valid options on the table is insanity.

U.S. based names from the seventies such as FBI watched speaker Bill Ayers. 

Confirmed U.S. communist card carrying member Frank Marshall Davis? Who is now strongly thought to be more than closely linked to Obama than just an outspoken friend.

Mentioned twenty times in his own memoirs that by decree Bill Ayers has directly stated he ghost wrote, also lived in Hawaii.

In gang terms its a difference of talking about one, pretending to be in one; and then coming face to face with the street. In fairness to even Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon, as an English writer based, my heart wanted Scotland to actually vote yes.

In other words as a Scottish debate neither SNP, Greens, or even UKIP which one still is adamant will and can win up to 80 UK seats, are always worth mentioning. 

So the U.K. Parliament does actually level itself out. 

Combined with the realities of Conservative seats held, inclusive of milder educated people voting Labour, and Liberal Democrats, it may actually be a good thing. 

My placement of thoughts in writing this are to literally have the Labour chiefs oust what has clearly been the most radical left wing movement in the history of the United States. This has also now been allowed to slip into the shores of United Kingdom debates. 

The present situations of U.S businesses wanting to provide the EU with biological or modified soil at the expense of our health is not anti business. Its exactly what sensible Americans would state as, just very bad business practices. 

More power to Pepsi Cola for confirming they are removing all and any Aspartame from their products and may they be the first.
You Can't Not Avoid Another Leader.

In terms of the Obama administration and the now outgoing U.K coalition. Its hard to entertain the realities of what and how that is. 

Had Senator John McCain been elected or even Mitt Romney in 2012, faces and interactions would not have ever played out any differently.

In fairness to the Conservatives, and Lib Dems, you don't see increased violence on the streets. 

If ROCKS is more a thinking persons line as a make believe U.S alterative to BRICS. Then be sure the powers at Whitehall are reading. 

Oregon, California, Kansas, and probably South Dakota. The R' is all the counties, COPS don't currently get.

In two minds who to vote for myself still took the time to meet with my elected politician here in Stratford-on-Avon, and actually very glad that i did. 

It was Ed Miliband however who not only attempted to change the laws on the media because of what people in that industry stated about his dad. Quite clearly still listed on Wikipedia and able to be struck off if incorrect. It was also the choice of him to bring to the table David Axelrod. 

If the one or two people reading this take anything at least take the time to do at least five minutes research around what that means to the long term effects. What has now placed the United States in a more continued spiral of world distress than any generations since its inception has seen. 

For myself having returned from the U.S. to be in a place of being okay? Fully understand west coast Democrats threw themselves at what has turned out to be a very well documented but nevertheless complicated lesson of facts 

Had it still been 2010, and the world was still five years less the wise on votes? Who is your favorite pop band, actor, model or mate; may have very well been swinging the votes. 

One can only state that outdated forms of socialism inside the realms of both the U.K. and European Union, are now also out of date. I don't not disagree with Arthur Scargill in declaring that people should have a genuine opportunity and wage. I'm not for the closing down of tradition. I'm also not for placing sanctions on the people who still in truth need it the most so also on that point agree with Greens. 

I along with my own mother in 2011, attended more than one of those meetings, because due to life, had no choice.  

Having also watched a very British man in European Parliament also agree that unelected officials in the E.U agree should not ever be making U.K decisions. 

My thoughts are that any of the so called minor parties will find out what E.U Austerity actually means. 

One doesn't at that point see why anyone would then ever wish to vote Labour or Socialist Labour again. In any of the counties in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

If Marxism being the thoughts of a man who handed out leaflets is often still taken in by the campuses of our youth. Then perhaps Obama and Miliband like many would have changed, and as stated already by commentators in the U.S. Its all anyone really needs to state. 

The facts however are quite shocking and they don't. 

They parade around with money using honest class middle thoughts and elites. And worse being card carrying affiliated members and children of deceit. 

"Never Alone", is the 2015 ten track release featuring former members of Heart, and now inductees of the Rock n Hall of Fame. 'Another Yesterday Door', was co written with actor Eric Roberts. Running time 37 minutes, and recommended for headphones on walks. 

Article by: Michael David Curley - MikeCurleyMusic.Com Est.2006

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