Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. September 1st 2015.
Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. September 1st 2015

If having £42.02 prior to spending just over five for a whole day's shop sounds familiar, to last out the week for supplies. 

Then at least be aware of two things. It isn't actually cheap to spend money on advertising your music, and with lowered prices on petrol and diesel, do have a tendency to want things.  

I was sad this morning on waking and fully aware of being that all important £50 down on my week, prior to even getting a start. I'm not into having the camera's come around to discuss opportunities i've missed out on, and fully aware at any positions of life that they don't.

Positive is knowing that there are people out there who the money teams are waiting to pay handsomely, having found all the people they need to promote all their things. 

Relative to me then as a writer who has released a song and still at least for the next month advertises the BBC, is also aware that the reason he's also then followed by Sony Legacy.

If we do check Billy Joel's feed. Find out they're only one of two places online that he does, or at least at the time of print did. 

I actually stopped following them last night, around the same time i made sarcastic comment about the present President of the United States, surrounding his removal of Woodrow Wilson's Act almost 100 years before him. I shudder to think how any of President Obama's policies will be viewed in the very short periods of truth. Depression to me at my age is actually being sober, and then fully understanding what money isn't and then also starting to see subtle realities of self on other people's YouTube's. 

Gather your thoughts based on the paragraph's before and then at least maybe render it opportunity.  

I literally forced myself today to not then drive to the store but walk, for a pure shot of endorphins, adrenaline and sweat. If all the too familiar is a thing that comes creeping back up at personal levels. Its' important to fully understand what life is. I personally can't live in a world of feeds where people half my age are thrown in my face daily doing things at point i now hate. Own a guitar and they own it. Sing yourself a song and they'll have to understand it. Announce you don't talk for larger parts of the days and find people paid more money are already announcing it. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. September 1st 2015.
Garbage Days

Garbage trucks on a Monday is what my brain knows and it hasn't actually helped that we haven't had a summer in the U.K either. I could count as an outdoors man - no more than 10 days.

To wake up then and only have £42.02 and still always be in a view of seeking real time potential monies will literally then throw you back into the land of caves. I actually didn't bother putting out any commercials for anyone this morning, being fully aware that i'm not a computer for change. 

Relevance is being at that moment in the road and potentially still remembering the dreams. 

Celebrity to me is a name that if generated anywhere nears the amounts of money to buy an SUV i waked passed. 

Then I'd at least be inclined to state happy, is for people that earn me things. Alternatives are to find yourself a job doing things where your potentially on the garbage truck getting paid. 

Doesn't stop your friend from emailing you stating about the 68th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards he's attending in 2016. 

It also doesn't then prevent a long lost relative from Louisiana contacting you from his side of the family, having been in America from Ireland since the now 1840's. 

These are all however contacts through online things. I'm pretty sure when you've reached a point of all of this. Then continue to do this at point of having walked six miles, at completely different times of the day. Mostly to save on petrol and walk to the nearest store only spending half of what you did need, and understanding that extra weight is not a good thing. 

You also still have to counter the elements of surprise around what you know the system will insist on making you believe, upon the ever true turning on of the T.V. 

I watched the guy from AMTV on YouTube as he's a pretty shrewd chap not unlike myself on some things. You've had to have worked at some levels in banking, at any levels, to understand these things. I'm not a full time anything about anyone in looking for signs, or at point on this platform caring to concerned about what i did write at point a few hours later. 

Its moving away from the points of at least understanding that the people in the world they send to make you believe aren't coming and, some days it can actually just get worse than you think. 

In therefore having no quarters will therefore never have quarters to give. I don't care at that point what it is that the people who force you to always jump hurdles actually understand it to be. Lets do take the lives of the people they show us in feeds. Constantly at that point are annoying. The President of the country to which then sends out most of the feeds is a plastic manufactured version by way of even styles to something at point none of his so called hero's could have ever been. 

Am i supposed to after season whatever of shows suddenly buy the products because the faces who won them are stood with casually held hands in their pockets. 

These are questions that will at point then and have generated the so called alternatives presses now generally all controlling. I'm still shuddering at thoughts of walking in from work and understanding that the people you all live with are still then after my things. The greatest way to defeat it - is to then just state what it is. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. September 1st 2015
I Do Walk 
At the point of the day on a Monday morning when whatever it is you decide i am or should be. Still have to set out of the doors and then at point have applied for some things. I still have to then get home and at point here what's wrong with the country in which it is that i live. Fully understand that the largest landowner in the area is happily selling off plots at 16 acres at a time. I'm not even being a politician.

I'm merely stating fact by giving myself 900 calories down on the day by actually getting up, and out of bed. 

I'm not at that point even showered and haven't walked to the store with less then fifty pounds to my name in a long time. I'm not at that point not then giving in. I am at that point 4.5 miles into a six mile food hike and also then have enough food in for myself. 

I like the guy from AMTV because he sounds like he's actually been reading this. Tares your face off: Not actually speaking until you have to. Fully understanding what it does take to build a thing up from the ground floor. 

I'd strip all those people naked and when you actually get me in court - because you feel now i'm quite terrible enough. Will remind you at will of Mount McKinley. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. September 1st 2015.
At Home Changing.

I don't give much thought to not at least then attempting to be out there and writing. Fully understand that it's difficult to B.S mentally when you can't. 

I'm not one of your little sycophants from the V.A, or didn't not enjoy the one man show of John Fugelsang when briefly we met.  

He's a fairly well known likable liberal these days. I don't like the idea of ever having to meet anyone not needed. I'd drop a bomb on most places. 

My bombs are what you see beneath. The fixtures-endless needs of sad lives that i don't need. 

My grapes are in the freezer i've eaten my tinned ravioli and bread with salmon in a tin at this stage. Already had some frozen fish in the freezer, and other than coffee which i'm now at point drinking and having had a shower.

Its just a real darn shame that the weathers bad again, and the needs of the people of my generalised country are in the hands of the ones they feel needed. 

Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. September 1st 2015.
Foods In.
Given a year of not talking about music, at least at that point always to be happy about my always happy friends like David. I'm sure my mate Tony will have a great time in L.A in February. 

Its' a whole different life i'm not involved with. I'm not interested in American's. I'm interested when they're at point maybe interested in me. I'll send out three U.S based emails these days if i've ever reached a point of doing something i'm enjoying. A mate in the U.S Rick Knots who's a well known and respected business man and musician. Anthony Paul Lilly who i've just actually mentioned and is always in and around people in the movies. And my mate i send things to as he does to myself now weekly. Dave just completed a 20 minute gig of seven songs i fell asleep listening to on Saturday.

I'm sure i could turn up to your works and sit in the office but the difference is i'm not doing lunch to be friendly. Just as likely to then just head off home after working what you do need. I've also had a shave by the way if you're asking. Cheers for looking in through the summer kids.