Thursday, 30 October 2014


Michael David Curley - October 30th 2014.

A comment online the other stated adults over thirty have no idea what the internet is really about. That being stated also read the thoughts of UK's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on drug reform, so who's to say. I stated he would over three weeks ago on Facebook. Both for the reader of comments and now fairly obvious views depends on where you're sitting. 

I popped into my local Sainsburys yesterday after deciding over a month ago to stop purchasing one small of crisps everyday inclusive of an energy drink, so reported i'm now actually £51.00 a month better off. That's based on thirty days per month at an easy thought of £0.55, for the crisps that you see in the fresh food section, and no less than £1.15 for the one that thinks a softer looking label, means its calorie light. 

Habits are formed in the best of us, so lets surmise i'm not 300 pounds and need to lose weight, also not dependent on what governments insist, and always for the last four years walked a minimum distance of 5 miles a day.Thats' 1825 miles a year, or twice the length of the U.K, surmising like me are interested.  

The adjustment to my bottom line has caused and affect to the point where in checking out the fine oil's for cooking, found one that contains antioxidants, in a carrot based omega 3.6 style First out the very attractive looking bottle that within section or aisle had been placed front and center, and was reduced by 50%, to a very marketable level of £2.00. 

Volume based being the oldest form of banking in the world picked up a bottle myself then returned home to check the business out online. It maybe me, but the name which should be spelt with an a, is ironic and spelt with an o, its a new product, so what my online mind read as Caratina, is in fact spelt Carotino?

We could spend all day discussing why, however the realities are at first search on what is still listed as a dot co dot uk, found a incorrect address. To a person who works online that's not good sign, admit its a clerical error on their part, and promptly tell you why. In then rechecking the label noticed my mistake of placement of letters that weren't there, and finally finding the site after searching, noticed something small about it. 

Basics of business and better bureau's should now be telling any business owners that if large business is seeing an upturn of 25% swing, to a favor of the people buying online then at least 25% of time versus resources,should then be spent there. If you have ever seen that road surface that's been recently smoothed where you live, or watched those shows where they find old stuff in a field after so many years, its called progress. 

Progress dictates exactly what is right about the comments from kids. I once was asked to head into a business in 2006 when US interest rates were almost zero percent for business. The guy I went to see however could not get a grip on his outstanding credits he was due to receive? Was fairly well run by his assistant who didn't really like the fact we were there, so naturally pondered on the basics of what it was that we did. 

You don't tell people this, but we don't ever apologise for turning up to the scene of accident created by some people else. 

Mortgaged home, because of the rates had placed his entire personal wealth into a business that had acquired a sizeable line, and at this stage directly from his bank. The bank in the allowed to ask for an annual update, had noticed it was never really being paid down, so therefore asked for a 30 day reality check to come in. 

We ran the figures and told him based on his invoices out, and ability to routinely collect, would generate cash that provided an immediate $300,000 per month clear in his account to him. "But that's $6000.00 per month to you"? "My house has probably gone up in valuation again", he tells us, and to him its win win. 

Life moved on and we all learned later what happened once the sub prime had gone. My point is in terms of social media and what business immediately needs to change is everything although the slow one's probably have of 12 to 18 months left.

Carotino the company whose product is great by the way, did have me post a bottle to remind them on their Facebook, along with a recipe I did last night that I placed on my own, and Google Plus, and yet certainly didn't ask and hadn't updated their pages since April of 2014. 

Furthermore the information that states, see the TV commercial on their main site, doesn't in fact exist. It does bring up one of those blank screens with some writing on that YouTube state when the content then disappears, so there is initially pointers to point out right there. 

In the last week an old friend of mine contacted me about the realities to a movie project he's working on and a person who upon finding out the budget is $28 million has subsequently refused to make any further moves on the simple Facebook page she's administering. Demanding to know if he the producer actually has the rights. This being a person much like the assistant in 2006, who just happens to have the passwords and codes. Subsequently the 400 plus likes for the page have been removed because she decided it best then be closed, all true.

There's an old saying in banks that the passwords stay with me, and more importantly so do the numbers and phones. Its an easy option for the people who in general business terms are a fairly one dimensional team.

The reason why banks do do business calls and later then reviews, are because A1 businesses are often hard to find. Turnover's a given in situations where by the people involved work hard, however take the case of the now familiar fine oil company I've promoted through SEO, and based on sales what works in the terms of what that means?

Two days before that I didn't care, in fact one month before that was spending $51.00 over 7 days a week, on one healthy packet of potato chips, and a drink, who are found in the very same stores and advertise on TV. Its madness then that should the very same people enter a store where by they do go every day of the week, then at some point if your products are there, there's an honest fair chance they'll be seen. 

Times that by every other person who does write or the 400 likes my friend had on his website, and what does that mean? 

Lets go back to the 25% of the business model, and less of the 75% of the dreams. This article right here is providing product with a service, and not the other way around. We are not the latest announcement by the face on TV, who still uses the same services and somehow within hours is then refined and verified. We are x or y who like it or not, literally have to face the facts of the scene. 25% to the largest store is a 74% loss to people who only dream. 

The one percent might just get you a wage based on exactly how hard you do work and how quickly your invoices are in. The greatest question on a U.S tax return is what trade magazines do you read. The first thing we see walking in a busy hair salon is every updated point of interest a waiting friend might read. Wow that's looks great, shall we go?

Attend the websites or social network accounts of everyone who claims, and unless they're up-to-date within hours with media or days with a blog. Then whatever industry it is that you do choose the banks and the customers, will all be stating the same. 

My point is literal to the point of exactly why, and exactly how it is done. I can't compete? 

Rubbish! If you are now in business then today have no choice. Its vital today to be running successful social media even if its just an excuse to thrill out, set it, forget it, and wait. 

Accumulative actions are return. Residual waves of happenings are constant because you did. The one thing in most business ventures then is its vitality in teaching young kids. 

The sad part for a twenty five year old today is that the excuses that we use will not stop the ten years old in ten years time. That's not intended as need for anything other than the win. You don't have to be the fastest out of the blocks, or more like the stories from your boss about the bear running through the woods. The woman stops, and states why are you putting on your running shoes, we can't out run this> "I know", you cry, "Its just so I overtake you". So then Mr Clegg. As Deputy Prime Minister to the whole U.K, what are you doing about internet education? 

Start up schemes for small business enterprise and face the facts about travel? London Midland announced via Twitter in my feed today only re-tweeted at the time by two people including me that the trains from New Street, Birmingham, UK, and to Euston, London were full. 

Lets surmise then that the drugs policies in the country by which Liberal Democrats only have 57 seats isn't quite based around a freshers week at University. In laymans terms to Russell Brands Trews they do work, the issue around drugs is him.

We need only look the the exploits of Barclays Bank, who having worked in the banking industry at literally all levels feel are doing an outstanding job, of at least internet education even if it is through commercial on the TV. This means that people inside that bank are educated above and beyond the call of duty. That also means at point business seeking loans, and lines of credit, or who are currently unable to grasp what it means will also if not already be judged on social interaction of a tried and tested breadth. And yet still in growth of department of a massive 25%?

Perhaps the person in your small office doesn't know how its done. Doesn't have an opinion about the trade or industry that they're in. Has no real interest other than solitaire.Perhaps that kid that commented online has the best folks in the world who don't listen to him, or her about exactly what they know is going on generally in business. "Mom, Dad, I love you but listen". This is nothing to me, I get credits heading out into college, have something for my resume, and lets face it, I just Love writing about things online!

Things don't have to be reality based either. Things can be anything. Why not have an opinion about Mr Clegg, Mr Cameron, Mrs Merkel, Mr Putin, Mr Obama. Remain at least somewhat diverse, and like the people of the public you do meet, getting out there more, rest assured there's at least 25% who strongly agree. Share tweets on twitter, just to fill the time in. Be active, and don't then just sell to your friends. The greatest champions of all my careers have always challenged myself to step out of the box, and the network. Everyone can attend a bar in London for three weeks and make a 100 friends. What about the people who are then going to be buying your products?