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Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. March 31st 2015.
Michael David Curley. MikeCurleyMusic.Com. March 31st 2015. 

Its difficult to not get involved in opinions online but much like a great game of golf? Often best just to keep to the fairways and play your own game. 

I'm not a fan of leading with morbid pictures which in terms of life aren't then anything to do with me. I'm fully understanding to the man or woman who just more happy to gather a crowd. 

Talking at least from my own perspective however has always been somewhat of a social thing.

Draw your own conclusions to each, but if you do buy the UK's Daily Mail each morning based off the inner voices you hear in your head, understand to others that's strange as well.  

Now widely popular U.S alternative media guy Alex Jones and his growing network, did have an opportunity to impress the Sunday political population in the U.K when asked to discuss Bilderberg and ended up just shouting out the name of his show. One doesn't have to mention the BBC, but then I'm paid for by way of them always having to be paid.

And then there's the much improved David Icke. 

Still happy to get turned around by the extremes on not then understanding that astrological events still turn areas affected dark even if the sun is being blocked, like at night. Regardless of the cloud cover, but was happy to believe exactly what the BBC said. (Nothing went dark where myself or my mom lives, but we were outside waiting).

If you didn't see the eclipse then there's something overall wrong with the angles, and if you force to believe it went dark then don't go out your way to listen to David Icke. It may be something as simple as learning that the globe isn't quite exactly how they state.

Airline Columbines are the brand new phenomena whereby once our heads have accepted what went wrong. Can we ever really be 100% trusting of anyone in that position? Who doesn't have to sign off on a sheet of mental stability that morning, by an independent crew member not flying. Just like the third eye blind, or sideline third eye ref. 

My own issues with this are based purely off the facts that we as people are yet to receive any information back on audio from the flight that went down over Ukraine. After hearing the speculation and understanding the twists. 

Its a cross between any major incident worldwide to do with air travel meets flights they've yet to find. Latest announcement on the GermanWings co pilot are more akin to what he now looked like as a kid.

Its difficult to assemble situations how full accusations without public release out of rubble, with then confiscations of desktop hard drives, can ever warrant any sort of resemblance to an old friend who would happen to have a photograph aged twelve?

Perhaps I'm wrong. 

Having moved beyond the relevance to understand that humans 
do have a tendency to go beyond. Its not a new philosophy in one
taking down a plane. From Japanese Kamikaze pilots to modern day extremes. The common denominator is literally being in or at the controls. 

A. Can you fly?
B. Do you have access to and openly willing to try? 
C. Is there any reason today you shouldn't be flying this plane?

It was the speed and not so German efficiency that provoked the immediate nature of strange. 

We don't go off the rails in terms of events these days over other peoples doing regarding gun crimes and individually having chosen not to be emotionally involved. Therefore fully understand what at least the man's neighbors might state. Surmising that they actually know him. 

Other than world war two Japanese pilots and questionable antics between Saudi Arabia and the United States, around the ongoing time of 2001, September 11th. Its not such a stretch to determine that anything on the fringe will generally have a better shot of going mainstream when it does. In layman terms how do we know the rumors in the overall airline industry aren't of talk about the rogue pilot that went and did the same into the Indian Ocean? 

And where does $150,000 per life for any event actually come from these days? That's for the lack of compensation you do look strange for asking about. As long as you're then turning to page five for a view of the two main candidates in a UK general election? All just makes you quiet mad, or slightly off in your own world if and when you do ask. 

So I draw you back to only really having up a normal sort of office like picture at the top of this page. 

Theres talk of a major military operations in the U.S.A right now based in Florida and extending into other areas of the countries interior. Stuck between the worlds of learning what Jade Helm actually is and then later understanding the extent of its meanings. You have to look to the comments sections to gather any gravity of its situational press.   

I'm a firm believer, as is my own German frequenting and currently working mom, in terms of what the situation in Perugia Italy was with the death of Meredith Kercher. 

Read much of the testimonies and at point never had an idea that there was and still exists another student who was rooming with Kercher and Knox. Ironies are that she along with the witness that saw all three originally accused, have in the course of time been forgotten. The changing of the stories and then immediate calls and emails sent, at least deserves a civil Italian, UK lead case. 

It was and will remain political to a point of only willing politicians 
could have ever really sorted it out. 

President Obama will meet with the Italian Prime Minister on the 17th April, and Seattle Mariners have just announced their own $103M over 18 years. 

The point being that as long as they're all happy - how does that make you feel.

Statements from the one of two Senators for Washington State, about Italians justice and the EU being Anti-American is stark contrast to what people state at Infowars in competition to their presidents so called democratically elected elites. 

Both sides of the coin tend to have it staged incorrectly where my own roots of thought are concerned. I'll take Iran fighting with US soldiers based on facts that Shia with arms are protecting anyone who is not of considered normal middle eastern faiths, including moderate and internationally law abiding sunni's. 

Those two guys on page two thru five of your daily newsprint who wind you up at the dinner table, are merely just mouths pieces until in defence of their own countries they're not. They'll have Scotland Yard get involved over situations such as Maddie McCann. 

They won't ever jump in on the investigation of a British student who's been murdered, or at least at this point haven't been seen to be prompted. 

O.J.Simpson's name was never quite what it was, and civil laws in any EU country at least provide sufficient enough recourse to have the systems of legal resolution take place. My mind does see that as election winning, and I'm certainly not being paid by the system to have the people in place, they still allow to be there, tell the gullible and disenfranchised not to vote.  

And then what of the strangeness of the music industry that we see?

I'm not an anti fan of anything and if you tried to achieve based on any positive message a great song tells you, then you'll know its all quite odd at TV award shows these days. 

My rule of thumb would not to ever perform with anyone prior to a certain age: And in terms of artists who by name I know and don't or haven't listened to their own songs. Can't see why the Madonna's of the world still get asked. She's strange to a point of everyone it seems who does perform on a stage with her is then somehow part of occult. 

There's no other way of stating what it is that she does. 

Of course the west coast worlds of atheists who are so into what they do along with the ridiculous realms of ultra feminists are as fanatical about their things. As the so called bashers of bibles and extremists that for the life of a dinner party just won't shut up.

Its as strange to see devils and black magic and what should be happy go lucky people on a stage, even if not smiling and wearing blue jeans looking punk. 

Then for the want of the chief witch of whatever it is that she sells, turns into some always forced religious alternative must.

That's exactly what it is: I don't find Taylor Swift attractive in terms of anything she's too young. Dressing her up in black stockings on a stage next to a woman who's nearly sixty and doing the same still doesn't make me buy her music either. 

Madonna was already well off when she was about to stop singing Holiday. So it makes no difference what another person wants to tell you about her life then being iconic, I'm happy to not retweet Elle or Vogue, they don't care.  

So in certain areas alternative press releases even like this certainly have a point. What's wrong with any UK politician coming and stating that. It might actually help elections. I don't have to love American's its not my British constitutional right. The constitution of the United States was at point clearly worded and now affects how other people think. Take your pick: Felt tip (choose your colour), pencil, ball point, or ink. 

"Never Alone", is the 2015 ten track release featuring former members of Heart, and now inductees of the Rock n Hall of Fame. 'Another Yesterday Door', was co written with actor Eric Roberts. Running time 37 minutes, and recommended for headphones on walks. "I can hear the choppers coming".

 Article by: Michael David Curley - MikeCurleyMusic.Com Est.2006