Saturday, 13 September 2014


Michael David Curley - September 13th 2014.
Picture Copyright 2002. Kirsty Wigglesworth/Scott Barbour

If you take the recent death of Northern Ireland's Rev Ian Paisley, as a benchmark to former chief, I.R.A member Martin McGuinness, being interviewed about him on TV? Then you'd be wise to understand the varying degrees of an always ongoing controversial mind. 

Names within the middle east itself are, and can be as confusing to a western suit-wearing-crowd. As anyone understanding that anyone who at point who chooses to wear one fits in. 

It shouldn't go unmentioned that as disliked as a man like Tony Blair is these days. He did see a majority win in 1997, and provide UK University students some immediate change. Prior to assisting a forceful and yet decided United States administration, regarding what is now widely acknowledged as a modern day understanding to most unpopular regime. Bilderberg and credit being a thing. The idea of providing an honorary Knighthood to Bashar Al Assad, in 2002, was then, and still is, most likely a very good idea. 

It was in fact Mr Blair's government who helped allow the now growth of Northern Ireland, and opportunity for an Obama administration to take advantage of now G7 meetings, to also understand that providing the Scottish the inch via devolution, is most likely the inevitable wave of goodbye. I therefore have no doubts that as so many will advise, that Mr Blair is as much an insider as the next guy. 

That being stated. All of them must still have a somewhat independent brain. And Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth doesn't get involved. However has been head of state for some 62 years. During which time, due to much reported facts, has in Royal terms given up quite a bit. The Yacht Royal Britannia, now resides somewhere in Scotland itself as a money spinning tourist plot. And we know that Buckingham Palace is opened up annually. Even the Duchy of Cornwall pays volunteer tax, however one is not sure about the once seized Duchy of Lancaster? Either way it always was most likely providing a talking point somewhere. Lest we forget the varying members of the somewhat former I.R.A (Irish Republican Army). I'm sure any invite to a Royal household is most thrilling.

So in remembrance of those facts. And fully understanding the unlikely event of ever getting the former last United States President to appear before a council such as the International Criminal Courts. With some Nuremberg style intervention regarding Iraq. 

All must consider the multitude of names from the new forming areas, and quick change of government in the middle east. Lets also work on the fact that as with any clan styled members. There is only so much you can say about another person's brother, and not expect to get in a fight. Most of us throughout life have met the fighting brothers of that family. My point then being. It certainly doesn't surprise me that heading up one of the states of a very tightly pulled cog, always spinning on a much faster Swiss-styled-cog-tight-formation. If Bashar Al Assad, called the cats mother of the clan down the road the worst kept secret in the desert, then why would you be surprised? Needless to state the state of Israel, as reported already by news channels from that part of the world, would have to be nuts to not agree to work with the most modernised western ruling politician's that we do have. 

If you were to take a circle of concerns and place your troubles in them? I think about that as I often I still think about my child. Would literally have to state it as a kid. So you're no longer attending that place for practise? Instead you're about to head out the door with some friends of some other people who still need money? Because they don't like the people who helped change things? So you don't like the nice looking Syrian doctor man, and his very well respected British wife? Well of course you don't, because you Barack Hussein Obama. Your also going to lean on the fact of the Irish in a capacity of full stop. Most likely going to celebrate St.Patricks Day in some outlandish remark of Diaspora. Then promote a woman who's looking to get into government by declaring she has in fact not had one abortion, after unprotected sexual intercourse, but twice. She may have even from what I read have named it? She's a Democrat.You are then never going to promote facts that even in the party you do head, most to twenty percent loss from seventy percent you don't have, don't actually really agree with that. 

The Catholic Irish don't. Most of the crazed ones you don't stop, have to advise the world you left. Isn't that ISIS. Isn't that whoever was part of the effects of the Spanish Civil War in the nineteen thirties that saw Marxist Atheists attend Spain from whatever countries they left. Prior to the full scale break out of world war. Sarcasm is key. Its definitely the twenty percent of North Americans who agree with President of ongoing Waffle Obama. 

Marxists. And or however a person in the west wishes to determine life to the option of a following something known as God. It is no different as to why the need to oversee the internet in Syria was like it is, as crazed men like that who show heads, have large tanks, and rockets, and enjoy a weekly decapitation to boot. All have been provided the funds by the same people. Not Mr. Assad, and certainly not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As far as one is aware for pure diplomatic reasons, that is. Let alone her own grandson's as institutionalized as that it is. Both fought against based on exactly what the western world know as, how it is. 

There are certain peoples in this world whom until after the facts, and imperial moments they take when we elect them, get found out. Mr Blair's Iraq, being one. Great relations with the Russian's and George W. Bush, are then greatly overlooked. I'm not sure it would have been more a case of them being more hard nosed with the Russian's if they were still in office. The likes of Mr. Blair, Mr.Bush, and even Mr. Rumsfeld, were never initially then publicly pulled on credentials as ever not being born in the United States. Let alone pay some $800,000 to hide it. 

Michael David Curley