Friday, 28 November 2014


Michael David Curley - 28th November 2014.

It shouldn't go without stating the sad loss of life of a certain twenty year old man DeAndre Joshua, in Ferguson, Missouri the other night.

Whilst the circumstances in light of what is happening and being promoted worldwide in the United States right now its worthy of an inquest in terms of how so near to the same complex Michael Brown was unnecessarily shot down multiple times in, a young man was allowed to be burned in his car after being shot himself. 

If not lesson one then surmise that the man had a job, and was working at Walmart for over a year and whilst looking through the records at other cases of deaths due to shear amounts of staff as an international situation of making a point, then its better to go on record than to not. 

It was reported early in the week that U.S deaths by law enforcement in Utah ranked only second to deaths enforced by intimate partners. What is disturbing about that is the facts of figures from Washington State where by an estimated 97% of all deaths caused from one partner to another where after issuing of courts orders and prevention of any contact. 

That figure was received whilst dealing with such issues in discussion with, so called marriage experts who receive minimum payments of $1800.00 after the courts decided that mostly men are no longer in any form of legislative help. Add the figure to the inability to discuss options and what U.S cops are now second to none in the world for, and city who observes that life, will always be reaping the same. The irony is when it then happens to so called professionals who generally through education and tact have a tendency to fight back.  

One of the greatest comments to come out of a comments box left on Reddit this week is being held to exactly the same standards as our militaries. In fact regardless of decisions and weapons of war a now former British soldier and sergeant Alexander Wayne Blackman was recently jailed after previously being an exemplary marine: Only reason being in the field of combat because of the incident being filmed on the helmet of a colleague.

Americans are now demanding professional policing standards held to the same highest regard. 

As an international observer of news in general and also perhaps like most therefore find it currently hard to take anyone from the United States Foreign Office seriously inclusive of men such as John Kerry due to circumstance of extremes. 

Evidence of pictures alone through all channels of media clearly project the PTSD the nation has been involved with and therefore situational occurrences and non regulatory actions of fate regardless of who enemies are deemed to be, are reasons why codes of conduct and standards exist there. 

It is one thing to have weapons and militia built into a constitution, but a far cry from the ongoing courts of justice to simply let each shooting slip by. 

You can not just take an incident at school or college, or street and not then treat them with the same respect. And however much the second amendment lobbyists feel threatened or pushed, even if at times internal politics change, then the increase by laws are a given. 

Its very easy to take the shooting of Michael Brown who rightly so as many men and women have stated is not the the first young man with a social issue, or temperament change due to size, and no doubt at least if assaulting people absolutely deserves to go to prison. Its the incidents we continue to keep on observing that they hide. 

The punch in the face to the woman for a traffic violation. The teen who gets smacked down by more than a cop in a cell. The use of and enjoyment of literally picking up all and sundry in style of men and women and doing with them what they will. 

Its also understandable then why staff from all over varying Walmarts are deciding to go on strike. The staff ratio is then larger than that of the state of Idaho by way of people, so doesn't necessarily bode well. What must the Iranian's think in discussion of who's nuclear sites are actually now safe. What must the Russians' feel after moving from a former soviet union to the United States. I've literally asked and started doing myself around 2005. 

Were all very brave right now at maintaining that philosophy from state the movie, 'Stripes'. The real lack of understanding by the majority in the outside world and that okay sort of feeling in making the other sides feel inadequate, but be sure the film was funny.  

And if the police special squads and TV, with Seth Rogen owning Hollywood and dope, is enough to sincere the west coast then fine. The realities unfortunately are far different. The truth about change is that special tactical equipment minus the actual live camera feeds are out there: The complete removal of anyone's rights and still even today no one since the removal of the amendment, that reinforces the amendments, and does away with the patriot act is still yet to be taken into play. 

The 28th."The reunification and/or protection of right(s) to an individual(s) rights, governed under the greater constitution, that has, or will due to revised statute(s), become affected by way of personal loss or protection, peace and dignity, including minors overseen by a guardian, parent or protective agency, countering and reunifying one or more amendments within the constitution of the United States of America". Awkwardly know as Walk├║re: 

In basic regards of the protection of all and any one or more articles from the bill of rights being removed. 

The gulf between what has since been determined as social injustices and people wearing masks inclusive of constant situations of non United Nations discussed incidents of actual bodily harm and human rights within the United States is fascinating. 

Anger at least on this writers part is never with what many determined as rights of anyone engaged or in the process of starting wars or criminal acts: It is literally what has transposed down the chains of command into U.S streets, and most certainly U.S jails. 

Its difficult to then imagine as the sides from 'Lord Of The Flies' who decides to kill the others and hope to see the boots of the adults on the ground, and if even if a president of mixed race such as President Obama ever does have any positive racial legacy needs to understand that at least in terms of what he will not put back as a constitutional lawyer is exactly what his own more street level African side is struggling to take on board. 

The news channels roll on and whatever type of news that we watch and attempt to understand even by way of what a cultural U.S holiday is about, nothing then seems to ever get fixed. Meanwhile we see the wants of the people at NATO wanting the likes of Ukraine in, whilst same people are also attempting to break up one of the United States best performing stocks. 

Go back to the situations with Iran and power, and even if Al Gore is right, the reasoning for not removing the patriot act has to now be personal. Take away the basic understanding of rights, and don't enforce men and women who often went to school with the same people they've shot, so it never really does get fixed of addressed, based on basic understanding of what is right. 

Why would anyone wish to run into a store on this U.S holiday today, in knowledge that the air is so bad with mistrust that people actually enjoy being angry.

The U.S and in fact even life right now is always down to being micro-managed. The surmising as is often now stated to me. You need to get a life.

The whip of above then comes down and is whip even harder below. Its literally pitiful walking into a U.K store today and actually seeing where the papers all go. As a writer, and daily observer of life, need to get a grant, support, and regardless of what race or creed or colour, able to talk about situations that a lack of controls specifically in the U.S and even what does get reported on U.K TV is in fact taking place. It may not be what anyone of face wishes to here, but its lots of people who are losing their rights, and not enough regardless of love to then be sighted as something from any other era or time..

Mr Obama, remove your patriot act. 

That's an EU leaders speech, and also the statement Iran should be stating as well. We will work on social issues and when you do that we'll do this. Its a difficult prospect to understand how anyone truly could learn that not only is their child or relative or friend deceased, that they were found outside in a car, shot to death and burning. 

Its so very very sad to know that certain men and women think its okay to even think the words in side their heads and carry out the act. 

"There you are, shuffle off this mortal coil you c**t, Its nothing you wouldn't do to us". You know as sad that is for the soldier in a very difficult option of war. At least he had the guts to admit to the world that he'd done it. 

A demand for constant use of camera's at the drawing of a weapon with an independent advisory board is something that everyone in the UK inclusive of our parliaments should now all be demanding. 

Especially in terms of our cousins and friends.