Thursday, 24 July 2014


Michael David Curley - July 24th 2014.

Unless your one of the now named Scots living in Scotland still with an ongoing ability to vote, do you care. That being exactly how Alex Salmond wants it, probably the only person who found his introductions as typically hurtful to the British people, as the English deal with most things anyway. The man who wants to stay in Europe, yet can't, then parades around with majority of foreign nationals that refer to London us mostly from Britain anyway. 

He's already cost the Scots £100 million, Glasgow an extra £10 million on top of that, unless he's paying for it in Glasgow dollars. We only need five pounds to rescue these children. Sorry but in terms of anything to do with a place, or a man that's presently dictating safety, and who owns the rights to oil.. 

We may as all just get to the point, and arm England. 

Separatism is the advocacy for a state of culturalism, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental, or gender separation from the larger group.  Its time to turn the heat up on them bastards and, let them know now exactly what we do think. 

First out in terms of what 90% of British legal sites have at least all issued out by way of papers. His legal stance at best is laughable. His ability to do what every sucking ounce of Scottish wealth has done in the past and reason for a slightly better seat at the table, whilst pretending to not be just like everyone else. 

You'd have to be based on his position. 

Having already covered the facts that regardless of how it was agreed, no doubt also by some Scots. The voting British public, who are loosing security of mind, along with revenues from oil that he does want, are always now forgetting of the facts. The relevance to a stranger is like this. Two men come into your house after agreeing a referendum, and refuse to let you vote? 

And then they've got the nerve, to demand they'll be drawing you up in a constitution. 

In terms of what other articles are out there and being written, doesn't get anymore factual based on that. If your Scottish, and as having stated before, your away on a wee-short-sabbatical, from home. Well unless your name and address is down, your not. Its the actual not getting a vote that concerns, but here's what the American republican's are in fear of with the border near the Rio Grande. No, lets just brainwash as many new people that we do like, and then they'll all have vote the way we do want. 

Separatists. And you probably don't care, or actually now think its a joke. 

Sorry again, but not I'm not giving out £5.00 hand outs from my phone, and especially for a Hollywood based Scot. An American who thinks its cool to be whatever he is by way of accent, and tells us that he was born there, and a man who's claimed his career on it after, but actually was born there in London. 

Amy MacDonald might be clan, but then just like the other ones, actually quite hard to hear what's being said. So if I'm English I get this. Removal of my rights to vote on Britain. Told to fester for some countries that can neither sort out basic birth controls, or care about civil rights. How much was spent on that African soccer championship, whilst also being told by our leaders it really is better to be remaining in Europe?

No I actually do want answers on that. 

Regardless that Caucasian farmers originating from these shores culturally in some cases over one hundred years ago, are being dragged off their lands and beaten. I won't give you five pounds, and fully understand the smiling Mr Salmond neither actually wants me around the table either, or can't explain at best following that. High courts in London have absolutely nothing to do with anything full stop. And why was that woman from Hawaii there again last night? Those special moments were by no child is actually left behind. 

Has she actually got involved with any of the 200,000 cases of forced parental abduction in the United States, annually?

The insult to intelligence at this very time right now, deserves a boycott full stop. And mostly deserved from both any presenter, athlete, or mind that refuses to accept the facts that that man, is not just like all of the rest of the selfish bastards, as the ongoing realms of the Ukraine's might state:

That are taking my children, and ongoing livelihoods away. And in terms of some out going sarcastic reaction. You get your lads lined up, and well play. 

They will entertain you, smile with you, and even collect your cash. Regardless of the fact you might now just be one of the greater numbers of pay as you go, miss your dads.